How to Cleanse Your Body through the pH Miracle Diet: Detoxification through pH Miracle Diet

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One of the most important principles in the pH miracle diet is the concept of cleansing your body of the acidic materials that are built up within. The ph miracle diet is a cleansing diet. It performs a cleansing of the body and its tissues and organs. This cleansing is almost like setting the “restart” button on your body. Any conditions you have developed from improper diet and lifestyle will start to dissipate. Cleansing diets like the pH miracle diet will help give your body the nutritional support it needs to function at an optimum level.

To understand what a cleansing diet is you need to understand how the body cleanses itself. The body rids itself of harmful elements through the colon, skin, lungs and bladder. The liver, kidneys and lymphatic system all assist with this cleansing. The liver is the organ in the body that is primarily responsible for body detoxification. When the liver is not functioning properly it cannot change toxins like alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, pesticides, drugs, antibiotics and additives into waste matter. If your liver doesn’t work, you are poisoning yourself. The liver can become stressed through improper digestion (eating processed foods), yeast overgrowth, parasites, dehydration and inadequate water intake.

Cleansing your liver is the best thing you can do for your health and for the restoration of proper pH to your body. When you undergo a program, like the pH miracle diet that cleanses the liver it normally requires the liver to work harder than it has before. You must add live enzymes to the diet rather than drawing them from the liver. The live enzymes will alkalize the body and restore your proper pH. You can accomplish this by incorporating organic vegetables into your diet. The proper alkalizing vegetables in the pH miracle diet will support the liver and help restore it to its natural functioning.

If the liver is helped by a cleansing diet, then the whole body will be helped. Once the liver is functioning at proper performance it can begin to do its job of eliminating waste. It will support the other detoxifying organs and perform more effectively in doing its own job.

The pH miracle diet qualifies as a cleansing diet because it performs a cleansing function of the liver and the rest of your body. The diet is made of mostly raw foods, simple proteins (beans and legumes), alternative whole grains and plenty of fresh and pure water. Cleansing diets include, at minimum, five servings of vegetables per day. In most cases, people eat twice that when they are on the pH miracle diet. This is accomplished with the use of fresh vegetable juices. There are four to five servings of vegetables in just two cups of juiced vegetables.

The effects of the pH miracle cleansing diet depend entirely on your previous level of health. If you’ve had a diet that consisted of meats, processed foods and other acid forming choices then the cleansing effects may be very difficult at first. Your body will have to adjust to living off of natural elements instead of chemical ones. However your efforts are well worth it. You will be learning the most natural way to eat and teaching your body to live to eat instead of eat to live. Remember that learning to eat in this manner and adopting a cleansing diet will be a process of healing, and not an overnight occurrence. As you take on the principles of the pH miracle diet, you will begin to change your health for the better.


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