What is pH Miracle Diet? How Useful is pH Miracle Diet?

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Generally speaking, foods we eat can be grouped into two categories: foods that have acidic properties and food that have alkaline properties. Based on the taste, food can be measured on the pH scale. The foods that are measured under 7 on the pH scale are acidic food and the foods that are measured higher than 7 are alkaline foods.

The pH Miracle diet is an innovative way to balance acidic and alkaline food for the prevention of various diseases and remain fit and healthy. The pH diet stress out that we should eat more alkaline food and avoid acidic food. According to pH diet, most of the diseases, including cancer, are the results of more acidic foods in our diet.

The pH diet will create a healthy flow in the circulatory system as well as maintain cellular growth and help the physiological function to work at the maximum levels. When the harmful acid level is reduced with alkali level, the body will have sustainable energy and also remain fit and healthy.

The pH Miracle diet was invented by a physician named Dr. Robert Young. Dr. Young believed that when you balance your food with acidic and alkaline levels and perform saliva taste for pH levels, your health will improve and you will be able to prevent many diseases including cancer.

Dr. Robert Young and His is pH Miracle Diet

Dr. Robert Young conducted a research and established that the required pH level for our body is 7.35.  The pH scale is between 0-14, where 0 means highly acidic and 14 means highly alkaline and 7 is neutral. According to Dr. Young, if we can balance our diet with 80 percent alkaline foods and 20 percent acidic foods, we will remain healthy and fit. Dr. Young believes that our body is damaged by acidic food, therefore, we should supplement out diets with more alkaline food.

Dr. Robert Young has authored numerous books that promote his teachings of alkaline diet program. Some of his books include The pH Miracle, The pH Miracle for Diabetes, The pH Miracle for Weight Loss etc.

According to Dr. Young, our health mainly depends on a balance between acidic and alkaline environment inside our body. Acidic environment causes various diseases like obesity, flu, osteoporosis, skin disease, cancer etc. He believes that human body is alkaline by design and acidic by function, and there is only one disease i.e. acidosis and only one treatment i.e. alkaline diet. Even though Young has clinically tested his theory, there has been no independent scientific research on his alkaline diet.

What is pH Miracle Diet

The pH Miracle diet, or alkaline diet, recommends high water-content and high plant based diet and a low stress lifestyle for better health. The alkaline diet follows a dietary regime where the individual has to eat vegetables with high carbohydrate content and fish. People should also stay away from eating acidic foods such as red meat, sugar, eggs, shellfish, dairy products, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, coffee, alcohol, chocolate and carbonated drinks as these foods and drinks increase acidic conditions in the body. According to Dr. Young, high cholesterol, weight gain, kidney stones, tumors and cancers are the result of acidic conditions in the body. pH Miracle Diet also recommends eating raw food.

How pH Miracle Diet Benefits

Dr. Young’s alkaline diet has benefitted many people. However, there are many people who actually doubt the benefits of alkaline diet. Some even believe that there is no connection between acidic/alkaline foods with human health.

Dr. Young is a controversial personality. He is said to have received a Master’s in Science in nutrition, DSc in biology and chemistry, and phD in nutrition from University of Utah. He also received Doctor of Naturopathy from Clayton College of Natural Health. The degrees he has achieved are contested, he is said to have purchased the degree instead of earning. Clayton College of Natural Health, where he received Doctor of Naturopathy, is not accreted by the US department of Education.  Dr. Young even pleaded guilty of forging degree in 2016.

However, it is also true that many people have benefitted from alkaline diet program for losing weight, prevention and cure of many diseases.

Even though there are no independent studies for alkaline diet, there is no harm in trying pH Miracle died as it promotes water-based and plant based diet. After all water is very important for human bodies and plant based diet is better than animal-based diet.


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