Weight Loss

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You Lost Your Weight, Why it is Coming Back Again: 4 Major Reasons Why You Regain the Weight You Lost

If you work out and avoid eating a lot of starchy food, you can lose your weight easily. However, have you ever realized after losing substantial weight, you regain weight …


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8 Ways to Detox Without Fasting, Juicing Or Following Restrictive Diet

Detox is very important for your body as detoxification helps your body flush out toxins and other harmful elements from your body for cells regeneration. However, the major problem with …

How to Find Out When To Detox Your Body

Super Foods

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Superfoods To Fight Stress: Manage Your Stress Naturally through Superfoods

Stress is deeply integrated into our lives. We have a lot of duties and responsibilities, we have to take care of household responsibilities, we have to manage personal, professional and …

Nutrition & Supplements

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Why You Need to Eat More Fats for Your Brain Health

According to a study, the United States will have 14 million Alzheimer’s patients in need of full-time care by 2050. The population of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease by 2050 …

Disease & Medication

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Foods to Eat When You Are Battling With Constipation

According to the nutritionists and health experts, men under the age of 50 years should be eating at least 38 grams of dietary fiber every day and women under the …

Raw Food Diet

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How to Start a Raw Vegan Diet

The vegan diet recommends avoiding meat, fish, eggs and milk products in the food and eating uncooked plant-based food. When you follow the raw vegan diet, you are not allowed …

How Eating Raw Food Can Improve Skin Health

What is Raw Food Diet? How Raw Food Diet Benefits?

pH Miracle Diet

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How to Cleanse Your Body through the pH Miracle Diet: Detoxification through pH Miracle Diet

The pH Miracle Diet is a dietary plan where you cleanse your body by consuming foods with alkaline properties and avoiding foods with acidic qualities. Actually, the pH miracle diet …

Atkins Diet

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How Keto Diet is Different From Atkins Diet?

The Atkins diet and Ketogenic diet (or keto diet in short) both are a low carbohydrate diet plan, therefore, many people confuse the Atkins diet with a keto diet. There …

Atkins Diet: How to Get Started With Atkins Diet?