How to Find Out When To Detox Your Body

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Detoxification is necessary for your body to get rid of harmful elements that get built up inside your body during the physiological process or from the foods you eat. Regular detox is necessary to improve the physiological process, improve metabolism, balance hormone levels and stay healthy and fit. Nevertheless, how do you exactly know whether your body needs the detox? In other words, how do you find out when your body should go through detox.

When a lot of harmful elements begins to build up and your body can no longer flush out these harmful elements, you begin to feel burn out, you are tired, you feel sleepy all the time, and your body aches. These are some of the common symptoms that indicate that its time to detox and help the body flush out toxins and oxidizing agents through skin, colon, and bladder.

Generally speaking, feeling of pain, tiredness, lethargy, etc. are common with you start to grow old. However, that’s not very true. Most of these symptoms can be associated with health complications (disease) or the toxins deposits inside the body. If you begin to detox, these symptoms will go away and you start to feel great again. Even though many people suggest detox for weight loss, detox is not just about losing weight, it is a way to cleanse your internal organs and improve bodily functions.

Here are some common symptoms that indicate that you should detox:

Sleep is hard to come

One of the common symptoms to watch is your sleep pattern. An average adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep. If you cannot sleep for normal hours, or have hard times falling asleep, your body might be asking for detoxification.

You have poor concentration

When toxins and oxidizing agents built up in your body, they not only affect your body but also mind. You cannot think clearly, you cannot concentrate, you have brain fog.

You have bad breath

Your mouth and stomach are home to bacteria. There are good bacteria as well as bad bacteria. When there is an imbalance between good and bad bacteria, you have bad breath. The imbalance is caused by the toxins and other harmful elements in your body.

You develop dark circles, acne, pustules, and dull skin

Your body is what you eat. When you unhealthy foods, the toxins get built up or deposited inside. The result is apparent on your appearance. Your skin becomes dull, you develop pigmentation. Dark circles forms around your eyes, acne, pimples, and pustules build up on your skin. If you see these signs, your body is telling you to detox.

Your body begins to ache

You begin to feel pain on the different parts of your body and the source of pain is unknown. Sometimes the symptoms are aggravated by the food you eat. For example, if you have a history of uric acid, eating protein results in pain in the joints. Eating refined sugar and salt also cause pain in the body.

Nasal congestion and cough becomes common

There are certain foods that trigger cough and sinus. If you have been eating such foods, you have to stop eating these foods that aggravate your conditions. You also have to start eating fruits and vegetables that help to cleanse your body.

Cravings for certain food increases

Everyone likes tea, coffee, chocolate, cheese or wine. However, if you begin to crave for these foods, and you cannot stop yourself, this indicates that your body needs the detox.

Tiredness is long lasting

When you always feel tired, even though you have not done anything to tire yourself, its time to detox your body.

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